BD Plastipak Luer/Luer-Lok syringes 1ml 3 pieces

BD Plastipak Luer-Lok syringes 1ml 3 pieces

The BD Plastipak Luer-Lok syringes offer a precise and safe solution for medical applications. Equipped with a double sealing ring, they guarantee optimum sealing and easy handling.

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Package size: 100x1 milliliter

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BD Plastipak Luer-Lok syringes 3 pieces (100x1 ml)

  • 3-part syringes with tight-fitting double sealing ring
  • BD Luer-Lok connection ensures a secure connection
  • Syringe plunger can be actuated easily and evenly
  • Volume is easy to read
  • Syringes made of polypropylene
  • Syringes with silicone oil as lubricant
  • Sterile due to gamma rays
  • Sterile, latex-free and PVC-free disposable syringes in individual packaging

High-quality construction for reliability

The BD Plastipak Luer-Lok syringes are indispensable instruments in the medical field, designed for precise and safe medication administration. Each syringe is manufactured from high quality polypropylene, ensuring its robustness and durability. This choice of material guarantees consistent performance over extended periods of time.

Safe and efficient Luer-Lok approach

The innovative BD Luer-Lok attachment is at the heart of the syringes. It provides a strong and secure connection between the syringe and the cannula, significantly reducing the risk of leakage and associated accidents. This feature is crucial to ensure safe handling and administration of medication.

Optimum sealing and ease of use

A special feature of BD Plastipak syringes is the double sealing ring, which ensures an excellent seal. Together with the smooth-running syringe plunger, which enables even gliding, stress-free and precise application is guaranteed. These features make operation easier and increase efficiency when administering medication.

Clear scaling for precise dosing

The scaling on the syringe barrel is clear and distinct, allowing the volume to be read accurately. This precise marking is crucial for the correct dosage of medication, an essential aspect of medical care.

Hygiene and safety

The sterile individual packaging of each syringe ensures that each syringe is hygienic and ready for single use. This focus on sterility and single use guarantees the safety of the patient and medical staff.

Allergy-friendly: latex-free and PVC-free

Another advantage of these syringes is that they are both latex and PVC-free. These features make them ideal for patients with latex allergies or sensitivities to certain plastics and contribute to safer and more inclusive medical care.

In summary, BD Plastipak Luer-Lok syringes offer a combination of safety, efficiency and ease of use that makes them an excellent choice for healthcare professionals.

Gamma sterilization for the highest hygiene standards

Each BD Plastipak syringe is sterilized by gamma sterilization, one of the most effective methods of eliminating microorganisms. This ensures the highest standards of hygiene, making the syringes safe for single use and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

The BD Plastipak Luer/Luer-Lok syringes offer secure connections, double sealing rings, precise dosing, sterility and are latex and PVC-free.

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