Treatment Purifying Cleanser
Treatment Purifying Cleanser

D/A Treatment Purifying Cleanser [Acne & Oily Skin Series] (100 ml)

The Purifying Cleansing optimally prepares oily skin types for the systematic Microneedle treatment, cleanses oily, blackhead and acne-prone skin thoroughly and at the same time particularly gently.


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Purifying Cleansing Treatment optimally cleanses oily and acne-prone skin before cosmetic treatments.

The DERMIDA® Purifying Cleansing Treatment cleanses oily, blackhead and acne-prone skin deeply and at the same time with special gentleness before cosmetic treatments such as microneeding, BB Glow, microdermabrasion or mesotherapy.

Dissolves dead skin cells and reliably removes skin impurities, sebum, makeup and dirt without causing skin irritation or dryness. It has the ability to smooth acne scars and precisely evens out color differences in skin tone caused by acne.

With extracts of Virginia hamamelis, glycolic acid and vitamin EA acetate, Purifying Cleanser counteracts skin changes caused by inflammation, prevents the formation of blackheads and helps maintain the skin's protective hydrolipid layer with its acidic pH.

This Purifying Cleanser ideally prepares oily skin for subsequent treatment steps. The Purifying Treatment Cleanser was developed for face and body.

Purifying Cleanser benefits for oily skin at a glance

-' Specially designed for oily skin and skin prone to acne and blackheads

-' Cleanses the skin deeply and at the same time particularly gently

-' Soothes acne scars and acne-related color differences of the skin

-' Optimal preparation for subsequent treatment steps

-' Strengthens the skin barrier and elasticity ' Does not cause dry skin and has a preventive effect against irritation

-' Particularly economical in use

-' ' High-quality ingredients for the best cosmetic results

Purifying Cleanser is ideal for the following treatments

' Microneedling

' BB Glow treatment

' Mesotherapy

' Injections & Fillers

' Microdermabrasion

' Aquafacial

' Dermaplaning

' Laser treatments

' Uvm

Our tip

For normal, sensitive or combination skin, we recommend the DERMIDA® Treatment Cleanser Art. No. PRP161206.


Beauty Cleanser

Wash your face briefly with lukewarm water, take some DERMIDA® Treatment Cleanser and mix it with some lukewarm water.

Beauty Cleanser

This creates a gentle intensive care foam, spread this on the face, massage gently and then rinse thoroughly.

Beauty Cleanser

Now your face will feel fresh and clean, after that we recommend you to use DERMIDA® Enzymatic Peeling Treatment Art.No. PRP143732.



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