What are PRP tubes?


What are PRP tubes and what are they used for?


PRP tubes are used by medical professionals to isolate platelets while eliminating unwanted components such as red blood cells and inflammatory white blood cells. PRP tubes allow the collection of highly purified autologous plasma with therapeutic properties. The PRP tubes contain a thixotropic gel that separates the supernatant plasma from the cellular components and makes it possible to obtain autologous plasma of a strong therapeutic effect. 

The substances contained in the PRP tubes used for their manufacture enable the collection of autologous plasma suitable for injection into the body. The separating gel forms a reliable barrier during centrifugation, which prevents the plasma from mixing with erythrocyte extract.

Due to its regenerative properties, PRP has been used for more than ten years in many fields of medicine, including dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, cardiac surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, urology, treatment of ulcers and wounds, etc.


Production method with PRP tubes


The production of PRP consists in the collection with PRP tubes of autologous venous blood (i.e. from the patient himself), which is then subjected to centrifugation with PRP centrifuge and concentrated.

The procedure for producing the PRP has been enormously simplified by adopting a protocol that requires the use of special PRP tubes and a special PRP centrifuge.

In fact, a small amount of venous blood (10-15 cc) taken by the doctor from the patient's arm is sufficient to obtain the ideal concentration, which is obtained by inserting the blood into the special tubes, which are centrifuged for a few minutes.

With this method, we obtain the plasma by separation, which contains highly concentrated platelets that produce the growth factors after activation. The compound can be injected under the skin with mesotherapy as well as with the classical direct infiltration into wrinkles or skin folds.

Unlike synthetic fillers, PRP is produced starting from components that come from the patient himself to ensure maximum biocompatibility and naturalness of the treatment and without the risk of intolerances, allergies or other immune reactions.


Areas of application of PRP tubes in medicine


The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), thanks to the high concentration of platelets, can induce biorepair processes through various growth factors released by platelet activation and cytokines, molecular proteins that can stimulate cell growth and activity.

Through these regenerative processes, PRP helps and improves the healing of many imperfections such as scars, alopecia, skin ageing, acne, skin ulcers, etc. PRP also stimulates neo-angiogenesis, i.e. the development of new blood vessels starting from existing ones. PRP is able to improve proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, collagen synthesis and removal of necrotic cells.

PRP is widely used in dermatology, trichology, surgical oncology, gynaecology, orthopaedics and aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

In aesthetic and regenerative medicine, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) tubes are used to rejuvenate cheeks, eyelids, lips, nasolabial folds, forehead, skin folds in the neck, back of the hands and décolleté. PRP is an autologous treatment. The blood from which the platelets are extracted is taken from the patient himself. There are no immune reactions.

Talk to your doctor about the positive aspects of PRP therapy and find out about the various medical and cosmetic problems that can help you with the treatment. For example, try PRP to stop hair loss or get PRP injections for facial blemishes. Ask your doctors about the effectiveness of PRP treatment for knee pain or PRP therapy to get rid of acne scars and blemishes. 

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