PRP Starter Set | EBA 200

PRP Starter Set | EBA 200

Starter set consisting of:


1x Hettich EBA 200 centrifuge 

2x PRP tubes | Vi PRP-Pro PU 10 pcs. 

1x KIPIC® needle 27G 0.13 x 13mm, PU 100 pcs. 

1x Safety blood collection set + Luer adapter 21G - PU 24 pcs. 

1x Mediware disposable syringes 2/3ml 3-part Luer-Lock sterile (PU 100 pcs.) 

1x PRP serum cream for PRP 


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PRP Starter Set | EBA 200

Starter set consists of:

PRP tubes | Vi PRP-Pro | PU 10 pcs.

High-quality PRP glass tubes with separator and anticoagulant

Enhance your medical treatments with VI PRP-Pro PRP tubes, which meet the highest safety and quality standards thanks to their CE marking and ISO certification. These specialized tubes are designed to enable optimal preparation of platelet-rich plasma, making them the ideal choice for professionals in aesthetic medicine and beyond. Use the advanced technology of VI PRP-Pro tubes to maximize healing and regeneration with PRP therapies while ensuring patient safety and treatment efficiency.

Density Platelet Gel PRP Tubes
1x Kipic 27G 0,13 13mm, PU 100pcs.

High-quality product with strong and sharp steel for high precision. With the best price-performance ratio, KIPIC® needles offer medical professionals a comfortable injection with a sharp edge, high level of safety and easy handling. They are painless and atraumatic for the patient.

Kipic 27G 0.13 4mm
Safety blood collection set + Luer adapter 21G - PU 24 pcs.

Safety blood collection set + Luer adapter 21G - a new standard in venous blood collection. For quick and painless blood collection and accurate diagnostic tests.

Vacutainer Butterfly
1x Mediware Disposable syringes 2/3ml 3-piece Luer-Lock sterile (PU 100 pcs.)

The high-quality 3-piece Luer Lock syringe

  • Disposable syringe without needle
  • Crystal clear
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Individually sterile packed
Disposable syringes
1x PRP base cream

Can be used in combination with your own plasma as personalized cosmetics!

PRP Serum Cream promotes cell renewal, supplies the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, prevents skin aging and combats inflammation.

Use PRP Anti-Aging Cream Serum for skin rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic treatments: Laser therapy, photo rejuvenation, peels and other invasive procedures. The application of serum accelerates the healing processes in the skin, promotes microcirculation and skin respiration.

The result of using PRP serum is a healthier skin tone, better hydration of the skin and a strengthening of the elasticity and resilience of the tissue. Small scars and pigmentation spots caused by various skin conditions disappear, the number of wrinkles is reduced and the depth decreases.

Use PRP serum cream in combination for the treatment of dermatological diseases.

PRP base serum cream
Hettich EBA 200

Great performance for the small laboratory

The EBA 200 small centrifuge is a practical laboratory centrifuge for small sample quantities. The EBA 200 centrifuge is ideal for use in doctors' surgeries. The device has space for 8 tubes of 15 ml each. The Hettich EBA 200 centrifuge, the successor to the EBA 20, meets all the requirements of a small centrifuge and is compact and space-saving at the same time.

It can be found as a cost-effective variant in medical and veterinary practices, in educational institutions and schools, as well as in environmental analysis and laboratories for the analysis of water and soil samples. By using different sample tubes, the small centrifuge is in no way inferior to large centrifuges.

Hettich EBA 270

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