Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum
Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum
Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum
Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum

Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum | Dermaroller After-Care Serum is a highly effective serum specially developed for aftercare following dermaroller application. 

The serum contains a highly effective peptide called Matrixyl, which revitalizes, tightens and smoothes the skin in the long term. It accelerates the reconstruction of skin cells while increasing the production of collagen and elastin. 

As a result, the skin is strengthened, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes more supple and smooth. Content 30ml.

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THE serum when it comes to aftercare during microneedling: With Matrixyl, Prodew 500, Gatuline Expression AF and Hyaluron.

DERMIDA® Matrixneedling™ Matrixyl Serum is an aftercare serum after microneedling, as it is ideally suited to the needs of the skin after dermaroller. For this have been developed iActive 3-tier complex based on the highest quality

For this purpose, iActive 3-tier complex was developed on the basis of the highest quality raw materials, which combines the functions of hydration, repair and anti-aging.

The skin is specifically supplied with moisture, wound healing processes are accelerated and wrinkles are counteracted. This high-quality serum "made in Germany" is for use after cosmetic treatments (e.g. microneedling), but also as a luxurious day care. Dermatologically tested product.

The serum in liquid consistency is quickly absorbed without residue and leaves a very pleasant feeling on the skin. Each DERMIDA® serum is equipped with the innovative twist-pump dispensing pipette, which guarantees economical and hygienic removal and application

Serum after microneedling

Matrixyl Serum and its functions

The iActive 3-Level Complex is an active ingredient complex developed by DERMIDA Lab and optimized through years of research for cosmetic and medical treatments.Our Matrixyl Serum achieves perfection through its 3 pillars of medicated therapy:


' Matrixyl®: name-giving and particularly effective anti-aging peptide

' Gatuline Expression AF: Acmella extract-based bio-botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

' 3% Niacinamide: Promotes aquaporins, glow and reduces skin impurities


' Hyaluronic acid: combination of four types of low and high molecular weight, vegan hyaluronic acids.

' Prodew 500: Amino acid mix that has a skin moisturizing effect and restores valuable amino acids to the skin.

' Prickly Pear Water: Intensely hydrating and relaxing effect.

Repair and regeneration

' iActive-Complex: combination of the 5 most important ceramides to regenerate the skin barrier.

' Panthenol: Anti-itching and skin regenerating

' Allantoin: anti-irritant, softening, smoothing

Suitable body parts

' Face

' Neck

' Décolleté

Advantages of Matrixyl Serum at a glance

Innovative iActive-3-Level -Complex for hydration, protection and regeneration

Dermatologically tested and made in Germany

Intensive hydration of the skin✓ Reduces redness, irritation, microtears and feelings of dryness

S upports the skin's regeneration process

Promotes the body's own collagen and elastin production

Evens out wrinkles and irregularities

Leaves skin feeling fresh and soft

Quickly gives the skin more elasticity

Innovative dosing concept for hygienic and economical use

Efficiency of Matrixyl Serum:

After normal skin cleaning/peeling (normal)

After dermaplaning (high)

After microneedling (very high)

Matrixyl Serum is a highly concentrated active ingredient preparation. Even with normal use after or without a peeling, the skin becomes noticeably more elastic and fresh. After treatment with the dermaroller, the hyaluronic acid can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, where it has up to 3000 times more effect.



Perform the microneedling treatment according to the protocol. Matrixyl serum is used in particular when the derma roller treatment is performed "dry", i.e. without sterile serum. In this case, the channels of your skin are open and particularly receptive to high-quality care for up to 15 minutes after the treatment.


Suitable for face, neck and décolleté. Suitable for all skin types. Take a few drops and apply it on the face. Allow it to be completely absorbed.


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