D/A Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin
D/A Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin
D/A Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin
D/A Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin

D/A Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30 % | Lactic acid peel against wrinkles & aging skin

Lactic acid peeling for the treatment of sensitive, dry and aging skin.

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Lactic acid peeling for the treatment of sensitive, dry and aging skin.

DERMIDA Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30% Mono Acid is a fruit acid peel based on lactic acid for the treatment of sensitive, dry and aged skin and is known as a comprehensive peeling solution due to its good tolerability and universal application. Due to its viscous composition and pH of 3.0 to 3.5, it is ideal for use with a stylus in combination with a nano-needle head.

For this purpose, the sterile, pharmaceutically pure peeling is applied with a brush before treatment and then worked topically into the skin with the Dermapen and a nano-needle head. In this way, the effectiveness of the lactic acid peel can be significantly increased. It can be used both as a stand-alone treatment and as a cosmetic or medical microneedling pre-treatment.

A simple application with a brush is of course also possible without the additional penetration effect of the NeedlingPen.

One box contains 5 sterile ampoules with a septum for piercing. One ampoule is enough for one treatment. For the first withdrawal, a sterile withdrawal syringe with cannula is supplied free of charge.

Lactic acid peeling and its effect

Lactic acid peel is considered an extremely sensitive fruit acid peel due to its composition and action.The Matrixpeel™ Lactic 30% is an organic alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that breaks the adhesion between the cells of the epidermis and stimulates exfoliation.

Lactic acid does not penetrate the skin as deeply as other acids due to its larger molecular structure, so lactic acid is well tolerated and suitable for sensitive skin.

Lactic acid removes cornification from the upper layers of the skin, opens the pores very effectively and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin fibers.

Lactic acid is also suitable for dry skin and is often used to treat stretch marks that are still red, but not white stretch marks that have already healed. Lactic acid brightens and moisturizes the skin.

Overview of lactic acid applications

' Anti-aging

' For sensitive and dry skin

' Red stretch marks

' Skin rejuvenation

' Colorless, sallow, sagging and tired skin

' Before application of microneedling or mesotherapy

Technical data

' Lactic acid content: 30

' pH value: 3.0 - 3.5

' Gel-like consistency

' Can be used all year round

' Contents: 5 x 5 ml


Very Superficial (stratum corneum)

= 1 or 2 layers with less than 5 minutes exposure time

E.g. Before microneedling treatment or as a first application.

Superficial (epidermal)

= 2 to 4 layers with 5 to 10 minutes exposure time

Stand-alone Matrixpeel™ treatment

Matrixpeel™: next generation lactic acid treatment

Matrixpeel™ is a patented, multi-step treatment system developed by DERMIDA® to improve the efficacy, safety and potential use of chemical or fruit acid peels.

In this way, a wide range of aesthetic indications can be corrected. Unlike conventional peels, Matrixpeel™ is preceded by a so-called nano-peeling (light microdermabrasion) to remove cornifications, adjust the skin texture and make the subsequent peel look more homogeneous.

First, the peel itself is applied and then epidermally processed with a nano-needle head to increase penetration and effectiveness. Cell renewal can be activated much more than with conventional methods.



Gently but thoroughly cleanses the skin to remove makeup residue and other cosmetic products.


Now use a special pre-peel degreasing solution to remove excess oil (sebum) and sebum. You can use a cotton pad to spread it evenly.


Before the fruit acid peel, perform a nanopeeel with your NeedlingPen. To do this, use a nano-needling head and set the device to the highest speed setting. Instead of circular movements, move linearly twice over each area of skin, which evens out the texture of the skin and eliminates bumps, calluses and flaky skin, making the subsequent peel more homogeneous.


This is followed by a sensitive peeling with lactic acid for cell renewal and indication treatment. To do this, cover the eyes with a pad and protect sensitive areas with Vaseline. Extract the glycolic acid with the extraction syringe provided, remove the cannula and now perform the peeling very quickly with the fan or mask brush.

Leave on for between 3 and 10 minutes, depending on the desired effect. To enhance the effect of the peeling and improve penetration, work with the nano-needle head and circular movements. Before the layer dries, more layers can be added, never more than 5 layers.


Wipe off excess fruit acid with a cotton pad. Then use the post-peel solution and apply it. It stops the peeling process and restores the natural pH of the skin. Now leave on for 1 to 4 minutes and then remove with clear water.


After that, sterile and gentle ampoules can be used, which serve the purpose of the treatment. This step should be skipped for sensitive skin or deep peels.


Apply a soothing, anti-inflammatory after-treatment that helps calm the skin. A cream or mask with aloe vera is especially recommended.


Very important! The peeling effect temporarily reduces the horny layer and the protective function of the skin, increasing its sensitivity to light.

Especially with regular use of a fruit acid or chemical peel, direct UV radiation from sunlight should be avoided. Creams or serums with sun protection factor 50 are mandatory, also in the days after the treatment.


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