Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set
Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set
Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set
Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set

Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set

Discover the Plasma Gel Filler Professional Set: Highest quality and precision for aesthetic treatments. Get top results now! 🌟



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Plasma Gel Filler - Professional Set

PRP gel filler

PRP gel filler is a unique rejuvenation treatment that eliminates wrinkles and tightens the skin without surgery. PRP gel is a purely natural filler that not only replenishes lost tissue volume and smoothes deep wrinkles, but also stimulates the skin's natural regeneration processes.

PRP gel is produced with the help of autoplasm, which is isolated from the patient's own blood and turns into a gel after processing in a thermostat. The advantage of PRP gel filler over synthetic analogs is its naturalness. This makes it safe and does not cause allergies or adverse reactions.

Product description of the components included

High-quality plasma gel device / PRP thermostat with preset programs. Class 1 medical device - Not a China product! Production in Italy!

APAG is the latest dermal filler that is ideal for real natural augmentations and meets all the requirements of modern injections. The only filler that is 100% endogenous and therefore well tolerated by the body. The blood is closely monitored by the body's system - no other substance can offer this advantage.

PRP thermostat - APAG plasma gel device

Increase the effectiveness of your PRP therapies with the VI PRP-Pro PRP tubes, which guarantee the highest quality and safety thanks to their CE marking and compliance with ISO standards.

These tubes use advanced separation technologies for precise platelet separation, making them ideal for applications in regenerative medicine and aesthetic treatments.

Trust in a product solution that is characterized by its superior performance and reliable results.

PRP tubes

With the best price-performance ratio, mesoneedles from KIPIC® offer the practitioner injection comfort with a sharp bevel, a safety edge and are easy to use.

- They are painless and atraumatic for the patient.

- Gentle and controlled injection.

- Ideal for all mesotherapy injections, botulinum toxin and other applications.

Hypodermic needles are used with sterile syringes or infusion/transfusion devices.

For the infusion of medication and blood sampling.

The KIPIC® mesotherapy needles meet the requirements of medical class IIa and are sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO).

They are equipped with a protective tube to protect the sharpening.

Packaged in an individual, medical-grade pouch to protect the needle and maintain its sterile condition.

KIPIC® Mesotherapy needle 30G 4mm

Combifix® adapter - connects two Luer-Lock syringes together.

It is necessary to hermetically connect two syringes with a Luer lock in order to homogenize the resulting plasma gel

Combifix® Adapter Luer-Lock / female-female

Safety blood collection set Vacutainer Butterfly G 21 Green without holder.

Vacutainer Butterfly

The combination stopper is placed on the syringe instead of the needle. This is required, for example, before the syringe is inserted into the thermostat (to prevent the plasma from leaking into the heating unit).

Combination stopper

Mediware Disposable syringes with good product properties and a good price-performance ratio.

The transparent barrel of the three-part Mediware disposable syringes has an easy-to-read scale in ml. A rubber stopper ensures comfortable handling even with small doses. Latex-free and sterile packaging.

- 3-part disposable syringe

- Standard disposable syringe with Luer attachment

- transparent barrel - particularly easy to use

- easy-to-read scale with graduation in ml

- with rubber stopper for fine dosages

- noticeable safety stop - to prevent accidental removal

- double sealing ring

- Latex-free

- individually sterile packed

- Pack: 100 pieces

Combination stopper

Plasma-gel natural filler

PRP gel filler is an aesthetic rejuvenation method that uses an injection method to produce a natural filler from the patient's blood plasma. The resulting filler easily and visibly removes deep wrinkles, facial irregularities of any kind and significantly corrects the oval of your face.

How is plasma gel produced?

PRP gel filler is made from plasma extracted from the blood using special VI PRP tubes. A special thermostat is used to extract the plasma, and the plasma thickens and turns into a gel after 5 minutes.

This gel is injected by a cosmetic surgeon with a needle into the patient's skin in the area of wrinkles and folds. The product is applied using a linear injection technique; in some cases a fan or bolus injection technique is used - the choice that is best for you will be determined by your cosmetic surgeon. The plasma gel fills the injection areas very harmoniously and naturally without leaving any traces of correction.

PRP gel is a natural link in the body that recreates the "framework" of the face. It is a natural facelift that stimulates tissue regeneration. The effects of such rejuvenation are very long-lasting and sustainable.

PRP and plasma gel treatment can achieve amazing results for the following aesthetic problems:

- Age-related skin changes (wrinkles, folds, creases);

- Skin sagging;

- Loss of tissue volume;

- Post-acne scars;

- Filling of nasolabial folds

- Increased volume of the cheeks

- Chin modification

- Bio-enhancement of the face, arms and décolleté

- Restoration of the facial oval

- Cheek hollows

- The area under the eyes

The uniqueness of rejuvenation with plasma gel lies in the fact that the medication for the injection is made from the patient's own blood and generally does not cause any allergic or rejection reactions. This is because plasma gel is a gel that is made 100% from the plasma of your own blood and is "native" to your skin.

Plasma gel filler

The treatment with plasma gel takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The procedure is very pleasant and painless. And the resulting scaffold of plasma gel is a skeleton through which the new blood vessels "sprout". Plasma gel injected under the skin does not cause swelling, so it can be injected in large doses. The effect of "wrinkle filling" lasts between 3 weeks and 2 months.

This type of rejuvenation is a panacea for patients who are contraindicated due to allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid.

Despite the uniqueness and safety of PRP for rejuvenation, there are a number of contraindications to this procedure: Pregnancy, lactation, systemic blood diseases, cancer, acute infectious processes, allergy to anticoagulants.

Would you like to be trained with plasma gel?

The seminar presents the combined method for facial rejuvenation:

Long-lasting construction with immediate simultaneous effects.

In addition to the theory (PRP mechanism of action, etc. ), we will go straight into practice with a training protocol for skin rejuvenation based on the latest scientific findings.

Further information

Plasma gel training

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