Depigmentation Serum
Depigmentation Serum
Depigmentation Serum
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Depigmentation Serum
Depigmentation Serum
Depigmentation Serum

Depigmentation Serum - 5 x 5 ml | against skin discoloration, pigment spots and age spots.

Depigmentation serum effectively corrects melanin pigmentation. It provides an even complexion and improves the radiance of the skin.

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Glow with new beauty with the Depigmentation Serum!

Depigmentation Serum is an innovative product specially designed for professionals to treat skin spots and pigmentation with microneedling (Dermapen) and mesotherapy (Dermaroller) applications.

It contains the active ingredients Melavoid™and Niacinamide (vitamin B3), which effectively correct melanin pigmentation and provide the skin with a more even and radiant complexion.

Each ampoule contains 5 ml of serum, enough for 3 to 5 applications. Each ampoule comes with a syringe and a needle for sterile removal.

Depigmentation Serum


5 sterile ampoules á 5 ml

Melavoid™ - An even skin tone is no longer an illusion!

Melavoid™ is a novel technology extracted from the root of "Boerhavia diffusa L.". It acts on the mechanisms of pigmentation and reduces melanogenic activity, resulting in an even skin tone.

Niacinamide - Vitamin B3 for healthy skin

Niacinamide, a vitamin B3, is used in cosmetics to reduce red spots and hyperpigmentation. It supports the natural skin barrier and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides and other lipids in the top layer of the skin. In addition, it reduces skin oil production and thus counteracts oily skin.

Fruit acid peeling with microneedling applications - A perfect duo

To allow the active ingredients contained in the depigmentation serum to better penetrate the skin, we recommend a fruit acid peel with 30% mandelic acid before using a Dermapen or Dermaroller. This combination is very effective and ensures an even skin tone.



Aqua, Propanediol, Niacinamide, Alcohol Denat. and Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract are important in a depigmentation serum because they help moisturize the skin, improve and thin skin tone, reduce pigmentation spots and protect the skin. Hydroxyethyl cellulose, cellulose, isopropyl alcohol and sodium acetate help maintain the effectiveness of the other ingredients and build the serum gel. Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, caprylglycol, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate-20 and other additives ensure that the skin is protected from harmful bacteria and that the serum lasts longer.

Depigmentation serum
Depigmentation serum effectively corrects melanin pigmentation. It provides an even complexion and improves the radiance of the skin.

Utsukusy Cosmetics is a Spanish cosmetics company founded in 1979 and based in Barcelona. The word Utsukusy means "beauty" in Japanese. Utsukusy Cosmetics combines ancient Japanese traditions with the latest scientific discoveries. Utsukusy Cosmetics supplies cosmetic studios, beauty institutes, SPAs as well as doctors and alternative practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine. Utsukusy products are designed and manufactured in Spain.

Decades of experience, scientific methods, knowledge of ancient Japanese traditions and an openness to new things are the secret of Utsukusy Cosmetics' success. Utsukusy Cosmetics always knows how to move forward without the 40 years of experience that comes with developing and manufacturing cosmetic products. The result is high quality, effective and professional cosmetic products that will also convince you and your customers. The cosmetic products of Utsukusy Cosmetics contain highly concentrated ingredients and therefore provide long-lasting visible results on the skin.

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