Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal
Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal
Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal
Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal
Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal
Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal

Microneedling Serum | D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal | Against Scars & Stretch Marks

D/A Stretch & Scar Reversal Microneedle Serum:

The effective serum against scars and stretch marks

Visibly reduces:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pregnancy scars
  • Stretch marks

With hyaluronic acid & panthenol:

  • Promotes deep skin repair
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces pigmentation

For use with microneedling devices:

  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 10ml ampoule

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Dermidas best microneedle serum for the treatment of scars, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and stretch marks.

DERMIDA® Stretch and Scar Reversal Microneedle Serum is designed to treat and actively reverse scars, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks and stretch marks in combination with a dermaroller or dermapen.

The serum has an empirically proven complex of active ingredients that support deep repair. The sterile and pharmaceutically pure serum is applied prior to treatment and then directly transdermally incorporated into the skin with the dermaroller or dermapen Microperforation increases efficacy exponentially.

Microneedle Serum against scars and stretch marks - With an empirically proven complex of active ingredients.

DERMIDA® Stretch and Scar Reversal Microneedle Serum against stretch marks and scars is based on an active complex of hydrated elastin and pharmacologically pure plant extracts of Gotu Kola (Gotu Kola extract)

Empirical evidence of significant regression of stretch marks and scars. It was provided for the first time by researchers from the Department of Pharmacology of the University Hospital of Barcelona. In field studies, the composition achieved an 89% improvement in complexion compared to the placebo group. Together with leading European beauticians, microneedling experts have found that the already high efficiency can be further increased by adding extracts from the bark of Mimosa Tenuiflora.

The added panthenol helps to quickly repair micro-channels in the skin caused by the treatment .

Microneedle serum against scars and stretch marks

Areas of application and problem zones

Stretch and Scar Reversal was developed for effective use with dermaroller, mesoroller and cosmetic devices (electroporation, electrophoresis, ultrasonic waves, iontophoresis, dermapen, etc.). The serum is used where scars and stretch marks stand in the way of an imperfect skin appearance.

Body areas:

' Face

' thighs

' buttocks

' abdomen

' hips

' shoulders


' Décolleté

Problem areas:

→ Striae (stretch marks, stretch marks)

→ acne scars

→ burn scars

→ surgical scars

→ Caesarean section scars

→ equalization of different skin tones

→ Restoration of skin elasticity and resilience


Aqua / Water, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Centella Asiatica Exract, Mimosa Tenuiflora Bark Extract, Disodium Edta, Potassium Sorbate, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Silanetriol

Microneedle Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum - Sophisticated down to the smallest detail!

We not only know the theory, but also know that modern serums must be applicable in practice. In addition to an effective effect, the perfect design of the entire product is important to us.

The serum against stretch marks and scars comes in a soft amber jar to protect the delicate contents from UV radiation. Each sterile serum is designed as an injection container. These reusable piercing vials are sealed with a rubber stopper (septum) for piercing. To protect the septum and to fix the rubber stopper, there is also an external aluminum foil closure. 

A special high-tech rubber is used, which closes automatically and completely after the cannula has been inserted. This means that the serum is sterile, uncontaminated and resealed for up to 2 years, as if you had never opened the serum.

Application tips

DERMIDA® Stretch & Scar Reversal | Sterile Microneedling Serum

1. The Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum is applied after cleansing and disinfection of the skin area to be treated. The sterile serums are applied before the actual needling in order to introduce the highly concentrated active ingredients directly with the dermaroller or needling pen.

2. First, carefully remove the white cap from the vial

3. Withdraw the serum using the fine dosage syringe provided. Attach the needle to the syringe and remove the protective cap. Be careful not to touch the needle with your fingers to avoid contamination

4. Pierce the gray septum with the withdrawal syringe and withdraw the syringe containing the desired amount of serum

5. The needle can be easily removed to safely distribute the serum on the skin. You can then apply the serum with a needling device of your choice. The serum now also serves as a lubricating film and makes the treatment process more pleasant.

hyaluron booster

Disinfection of the device: Mix 4 ml Instrusol® with 100 ml water in a glass and place the dermaroller in it for 15 minutes. The needle roller should be completely covered with the mixture. Then rinse the dermaroller with lukewarm water and let it air dry. If you use the NeedlingPen instead, the needle head must be disinfected in the same procedure.

hyaluron booster

Clean the face well. Disinfect it with Alcoderm. Then take the sterile serum with the syringe provided and spread it over the face. Wearing powder-free nitrile gloves is recommended to prevent the spread of germs.

hyaluron booster

Microneedling with the right technique - technique is key. Here it is helpful to divide your body into different areas. Now roll 8 times from top to bottom and 8 times from left to right. Then 8 times diagonally from top left to bottom right and 8 times diagonally al from top right to bottom left

Between each roll, lift the dermaroller completely off the skin and replace it. Repeat this process until all areas of skin have been treated. When using the NeedlingPen, simply glide over the same area of skin 3-4 times.

hyaluron booster

Post-treatment care - Use DERMAID Skin Plus Treatment PostBalm for optimal aftercare of stressed skin. Rinse dermaroller thoroughly with clean water after treatment. Disinfect again as in step one with Instrusol® and water and allow to air dry. Store the dermaroller in the container provided. Avoid touching your skin with your hands for the next two hours. Avoid heavy sweating, steam baths and direct sunlight on the day of treatment. Do not wear make-up. Sleep is the best rest for your skin now, and change your pillowcase if needed.


What effect does a Microneedle Serum have?

The essential added value of microneedling therapy as a non-ablative and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure is the low-risk, cost-effective and at the same time highly efficient treatment of aesthetic skin problems.

Example: Our skin acts as a natural protective mantle as a barrier this creates a problem for creams or ointments. It is not only the largest organ of the human body, but also protects us in function and structure from external chemical, mechanical and thermal influences. However, it does not make a significant difference between beneficial agents and harmful influences

Conventional creams and serums try to reach / penetrate this barrier with so-called penetrators. With rather moderate success. The Microneedle Serum, on the other hand, has "free rein", so to speak, as the skin channels (and thus the protective layer) open up during treatment. A multitude of studies meanwhile prove the increased effectiveness of serums in combination with a microneedling treatment. Thanks to specially formulated ingredients, serums can target problem areas. A pleasant side effect is the sliding film that the often viscous serums form, which acts as a refreshing protective film between the microneedling device and the skin.

Which serum should you use for the treatment?

In general, a distinction has to be made between sterile sera and post-treatment sera. During the treatment, sterile sera are applied transdermally to the skin with the NeedlingPen or Dermaroller. After-care serums are used after the application and applied to the corresponding skin areas.

→ Sterile serums:

Improvement of skin structure: EGF Cell Booster

Revitalization & skin rejuvenation: Hyaluron Booster, EGF Cell Booster

Wrinkles & Anti-Aging: Hyaluron Booster, Collagen Serum, Age-Killer Cocktail, Meso Lift Serum, Hyal Filler

Photoaging & UV protection: Retinol + Vitamin C Booster

Eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles: Eye Contour Serum

Expression lines and periorbital wrinkles: Agri-Fix Special

Skin tightening & tissue weakness: Firming Serum, Vitamin Serum

Scars: Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum, Meso Stretch

Acne scars: Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum, Meso Stretch

Acne & Oily Skin: Oily Skin Serum

Large Pores: Hyaluron Booster

Pigmentation Disorders: Skin Tone Imperfection Control, Bitaminshi Serum

Skin spots: Skin Tone Imperfection Control

Lip treatment: Artificial Serum

Hair loss: Meso Hair Serum, Kami Serum

Beard Growth Stimulation: Tricology Hair Growth Lotion

Stretch Marks: Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum, Meso Stretch

Stretch marks: Stretch & Scar Reversal Serum, Meso Stretch

Cellulite: Carboxderm Serum

Décolleté: Hyaluron Booster

Lipolysis & Fat Pads: Caffeine Serum

Smoker's skin and rosacea: Trophic Special

After Care Serums

All Ages: Hyaluron Dermaroller Serum

Up to 35 years: Vitamin C Serum

From 35 years: Retinol Serum

What does transdermal, topical or sterile mean?

By Microneedle Serum we mean a sterile active ingredient formulation that has been specially developed to act topically and transdermally directly on the skin during treatment with Dermapen or Dermaroller.

Topical means that the active ingredient is only applied to the exact area.

Transdermal means that the active ingredient is absorbed directly through the skin and made to work.

Sterile means that it is free from germs that can multiply, such as microorganisms and viruses. Serum is sterile only under strictly controlled, documented and certified pharmaceutically pure manufacturing conditions.

Apply serum with Dermaroller or Dermapen?

For the application and efficacy of sterile sera it is irrelevant whether you process the serum with Dermaroller or Dermapen, both devices are equally suitable for transdermal application.

How are sterile sera used?

Spread the serum on the cleansed, disinfected skin area, then apply with Dermapen or Dermaroller.

How do you remove the serum from the ampoule?

Currently, there are two types of sterile sera for microneedling

1. Fracture ampoules

2. Penetrating ampoules

Break ampoules have a predetermined breaking point that must be opened (ie broken) for removal. This is a non-sealable connection, which means that the serum must be used up during an application.

Penetrating vials, on the other hand, are designed as injection containers. These reusable vials are sealed with a rubber stopper with a puncture rubber (septum). To protect the septum and hold the rubber stopper in place, there is also an outer cap

We use a special rubber which closes automatically and completely after the cannula has been pierced. This means that the serum is sterilely sealed again, uncontaminated and can still be used for up to 2 years. It is as if he had never opened the serum. The syringe is pierced through the septum and extracted with the serum. The additional cannula can then be removed and the serum safely distributed over the affected skin area.

What should be observed when storing the serum?

To ensure maximum effectiveness of all active ingredients, most serums are supplied in a light-protected amber jar or outer packaging. It should be stored away from sunlight and at temperatures between 15 °C and 25 °C. After initial collection, we recommend that all sera with a piercing ampoule be stored in the refrigerator. Serum in break vials should be used up completely after opening.

Can you combine different serums with each other?

We do not recommend combining different serums within one treatment. However, it is possible to combine different microneedling serums within different treatments. An excellent base serum is always the Hyaluron Booster Serum. For example, the following treatment plans have been specifically designed:

Wrinkle Treatment

Treatment 1: Hyaluron Booster Serum (Intensive Hydration)

Treatment 2: Age Killer Cocktail (wrinkle correction)

Treatment 3: Age Killer Cocktail


Mimic wrinkles

Treatment 1: Hyaluron Booster Serum (Intensive Hydration)

Treatment 2: Agri-Fix Special (correction)

Treatment 3: Agri-Fix Special (correction)


Stretch Marks

Treatment 1: Hyaluron Booster Serum (Intensive Hydration)

Treatment 2: Carboxderm (correction)

Treatment 3: Carboxderm (Correction)

What is the shelf life of the serum after opening?

Unopened, you will find the expiry date on the packaging. As a rule, a sterile serum can be stored unopened for two years. After opening, the broken ampoules must be used up completely. Penetrating ampoules with a resealable septum are stable for a long time after sterile withdrawal without changes, i.e. the best-before date does not change.


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