PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair...

PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair treatment - PU 4 pcs.

PRP tubes - with melatonin for hair treatment PU 4 pcs.



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PRP tubes with melatonin - for effective hair treatment.


PRP tubes - high quality glass borosilicate tubes (red) with melatonin additive.


Melatonin binds to specific melatonin receptors and is synthesized in the hair follicle - among other things, it controls and regulates hair growth.

In addition, it has a very protective function: radical scavenger, has antioxidant effect (UV light, cell toxins)

The change from the telogen (resting) to the anagen (growth) phase can be promoted.



The choice of material can be decisive for the quality of the blood sample.


Blood sampling with PRP tubes is performed using the negative pressure method - for safer and easier blood sampling.


The PRP tubes are manufactured in France.

With melatonin additive 0,0232 mg

10 ml PRP tubes for approx. 4-5 ml plasma production


Only the addition of heparin or citrate is required prior to blood collection.


Instructions are included with the PRP tubes.

Heparin is available over the counter in pharmacies.

Therapy plan for the application is attached

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