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Basis Serum PRP Cream

PRP Cream Basis Serum

Content 25ml

Unique regenerative PRP cream! Can be combined with your own plasma. Personalized cosmetics.

The serum for PRP promotes cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, prevents skin aging and fights inflammation. 

Especially effective in combination with blood plasma! All the plasma from a PRP tube is mixed to the cream. The cream can also be used very effectively as a stand-alone product! See further down in the description under "Development".

The result of using PRP serum is a healthier skin tone, improved skin hydration and a strengthening of elasticity and tone. Small scars and pigments disappear, wrinkles diminish and their depth decreases. 

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Serum for PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Personalization of skin care with PRP

The PRP cream can also be used very effectively as a stand-alone product!

Effectiveness of PRP cream

The serum for PRP (PRP regenerative cream) is a universal, multi-purpose PRP cream that promotes cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients and moisturizes. It also prevents skin aging and fights inflammation. It can be used on its own or combined with your own plasma. The product is designed to be personalized for each client based on the client's needs and what they want in their skin care regimen.

Plasma is rich in growth factors, hormones, vitamins, proteins and stem cells. Platelet growth factors play a very important role in any kind of skin rejuvenation. There is no natural way to maintain and rebuild your skin. 


PRP Serum Cream is recommended to anyone who has problems with inflammation, eczema, acne or allergies, because platelets in cells have a strong anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. 


Unlike conventional creams, the body's own plasma proteins act here. In addition, platelet growth factors are used, which are also found in plasma. Growth factors are important for any type of regeneration. 


PRP anti-aging cream promotes cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, prevents skin aging and fights inflammation. 


The short peptides conduct the active ingredients through the stratum corneum to the deeper layers of the skin and activate the extracellular matrix. In addition, the peptides - like botulinum toxin - smooth wrinkles and blemished skin. 


Use PRP serum cream to rehabilitate the skin after aggressive cosmetic treatments: Laser therapy, photo rejuvenation, peeling and other invasive procedures. The application of serum accelerates the healing processes in the skin, promotes microcirculation and skin respiration. 


The result of using PRP cream is a healthier skin tone, better moisture in the skin and increased elasticity and resilience in the tissues. 


Small scars and pigment spots caused by various skin diseases disappear, the number of wrinkles is reduced and the depth decreases.

Production of the PRP cream

The new PRP serum face cream is made from the patient's own blood plasma. For this purpose, it requires that patients visit a doctor's office/clinic to have their blood drawn. After the blood plasma is extracted (just like conventional autologous PRP blood processing), it is added to the PRP serum donor and mixed. The resulting PRP cream is to be used twice daily and stored in the refrigerator.


The PRP serum cream is fully compatible with your individual skin type and can now improve your skin texture. 


When it is taken out of the refrigerator and applied to the skin, the "temperature difference activates platelets with the subsequent release of growth factors and other biomolecules" according to the release.

PRP Serum Creme
Serum Production video
Application of platelet rich plasma (PRP) cream

The cream is applied to the cleansed face in the morning and evening.


Thorough cleansing before going to bed is also important, as this is the only way the skin can break down stresses such as makeup and dirt and better absorb the serum cream. 


The PRP serum cream is then gently applied to the face, neck and décolleté to moisturize and nourish the skin overnight.

Store in the refrigerator

Thanks to the stable temperature in the refrigerator, the active ingredients last longer. 


Many active ingredients and ingredients react poorly to heating and lose their skin care properties. 


Chilled creams stimulate blood circulation so that the valuable ingredients penetrate faster and deeper into the lower layers of the skin and can develop their full effectiveness here. Well cooled, the creams retain their purity and the active ingredients their full strength.

PRP-Serum Anwendung

The cream was developed for accompanying support of PRP therapy with plasma.


During the development we have put a very great emphasis on naturalness. Wherever it was possible to use natural substances, we did.


The cream is mainly composed of natural fats and oils. We have almond oil and shear butter in it, we have squalane in the cream, we have all the substances that can combine excellently with the skin and build up the skin's mantle protection.


Where it was necessary, we also used substances that are not of natural origin, especially where we wanted to achieve a great effect and where it was not possible with natural components.

Entwicklung der PRP-Serum Creme
Peptide F3 acetyl tripeptide-2

The contained peptide F3-acetyl-tripeptide-2 is known for its ability to reduce elastase or the degradation of elastins on the skin, which helps to rebuild elastins and thus strengthen the elasticity of the skin again.


Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is also known to reduce wrinkles on the skin and facial expressions. It ensures that the wrinkles are less pronounced, less deeply "buried" in the skin, and thus it prevents above all age-related skin aging.


Multivitamit complex

Multivitamit complex is composed of vitamit ACE but also with vitamins from B complex. The vitamins work together, it is called synergistic effect, vitamin C helps the vitamin E but also the vitamin A to develop better and to be absorbed into the skin. Vitamin E wants to prevent radicals that can damage the skin, it is a protective weather vitamin. Vitamin A on the other hand is a vitamin that has been known for a long time in cosmetics as anti-age, it prevents skin aging and strengthens the skin to get a younger appearance.


PRP-Creme als Anti-Aging

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cream has a suggested retail price of €149.00 (cream with PRP).

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