Crystal MESO Injector
Crystal MESO Injector
Crystal MESO Injector
Crystal MESO Injector
Crystal MESO Injector
Crystal MESO Injector

Crystal MESO Injector - Innovative Mesotherapy Device for Precise Skin Treatments

- MesoGun with medical approval class 2b.

- Perfect handling, flexible & wireless.

- Cost-effective solution of the highest quality.

The Crystal MESO Injector is an innovative cosmetic treatment device that can be used to deliver active ingredients directly into deeper layers of the skin.

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Pamper your skin with the power of Crystal MESO Injector - Technology

Crystel Meso is a lightweight and portable mesotherapy injector. The device can be easily charged via a C-cable and can also be connected to a power bank. Automatic and manual injection modes allow different types of mesotherapy treatments.

The Crystal MESO Injector - Perfect precision for radiant skin


  • High-quality class 2b mesogun for medical use
  • Automatic and direct injection of active ingredients with sterile needles
  • Flexibility and easy handling for optimal results
  • Injection of vital substances, cocktails, peptides, BTX, fillers or PRP up to 5 mm depth
  • Cordless handheld device for maximum freedom of movement
  • Adjustable injection depth at the needle head
  • Compatibility with common syringe sizes (1 - 10 cc)
  • Large LCD display for convenient settings and protocols
  • Vacuum system to minimize pain sensation
  • Backflow valve and cross contamination protection
  • Suitable for face, body and scalp
  • Charging via AC adapter or C-type charging port (USB)

Basic settings of the skin and scalp surface

Crystal Meso Injector Settings

CrystalMESO Injector - The skin care of the future

The CrystalMESO Injector is a handy and high-quality mesogun device of medical class 2b. It enables the fully automatic and direct injection of active substances into the skin using sterile needles. The device is characterized by perfect handling and maximum flexibility.

It can easily inject all vital substances, cocktails, peptides, BTX, fillers or PRP up to a depth of 5 mm. The injection depth is adjusted on the needle head itself.

The holder of the Meso Injector was developed in such a way that all common syringe sizes (1 - 10 cc) can be used and manufacturer independence is ensured. Various protocols and specifications can be conveniently set via a large LCD display. Among others, the vacuum system to minimize pain sensation during treatment.

A separate built-in valve prevents fluid backflow and protects the device from damage and the patient from cross-contamination.

The CrystalMESO Injector is suitable for treatment of the face, body and scalp.

In addition to charging via an AC adapter, it can also be charged via a C-type charging port (USB), making it wireless. A full charge allows 15 treatments at a time.

Painless and precise - CrystalMESO Injector

The Crystal MESO Injector is an innovative digital injection system designed for the low-pain and precise injection of active ingredients and drugs. The device uses a novel vacuum system in combination with ultra-thin injection needles. Prior to injection, the injector uses an integrated vacuum chamber to create a negative pressure that gently sucks in the skin. This negative pressure detaches the skin from blood vessels and nerve tracts, so that the injection can be performed almost painlessly, without bruising and with absolute precision. The system represents the most advanced form of mesotherapy and is virtually painless.

The device is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably in the hand. It has a high loading capacity of up to 2000 applications. With the vacuum function, the areas of skin to be treated are sucked in - this reduces the sensation of pain and ensures precise delivery of active ingredients. A reflux stop directly in the needle head prevents the backflow of liquids and protects the patient from cross-contamination.

Crystal MESO Injector: Advantages at a glance

The CrystalMESO Injector is an innovative cosmetic treatment device that can be used to inject active ingredients directly into the skin. The digital injection system works with sterile multiple needles and enables efficient introduction of active ingredients into the skin. It is a handy and high-quality mesotherapy device of medical class 2b. The CrystalMESO Injector can be used on the face, body and scalp. By injecting the products directly into the deeper layers of the skin, the device enables targeted treatment.

The advantages of the Crystal MESO Injector at a glance:

  • Effective active ingredient delivery: By using sterile multi-needles, active ingredients can be introduced directly into the skin, resulting in a targeted and effective treatment.
  • Versatile application options: The injector can be used on the face as well as on the body and scalp, enabling a wide range of cosmetic treatments.
  • Handy and high quality design: The Crystal MESO Injector is handy and of high quality. This ensures comfortable and precise application.
  • Pain sensitivity is reduced: The device has a suction function that helps reduce pain sensitivity during treatment.
  • With the Crystal MESO Injector, active ingredients can be effectively and precisely introduced into the skin. Its versatile application possibilities and handy design make it a popular device in mesotherapy.
Crystal Meso Therapy

Indications - Crystal MESO Injector

The Crystal MESO Injector is an innovative digital injector system that can be used for the treatment of various indications. With this device, active ingredients can be precisely and directly delivered into the skin.

Indications that can be treated with the Crystal MESO Injector include acne, anti-aging, cellulite, enlarged pores, hair loss, lipolysis, photoaging, rosacea, pain management and rejuvenation.

The device allows for accurate dosing, minimizes product waste and ensures precise dosing with each application.

Contraindications to the use of the CrystalMESO mesotherapy device are:

Taking blood thinning medication or blood clotting disorders: It is recommended that you do not use the device if you are taking blood thinning medication or have blood clotting disorders. This may increase the risk of complications.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: It is not recommended to use the CrystalMESO device during pregnancy or breastfeeding. During this time, certain medications and treatments should be avoided to minimize potential risks to the child.

Other contraindications may include

Cancer: Ifcancer is present, the Crystal MESO device should not be used. It is important to discuss this with a physician as some treatments or medications may be contraindicated in cancer patients.

Active skin conditions: The device should not be used for active skin conditions such as severe acne, eczema or dermatitis. Gentle treatment should only be used on healthy skin.

Allergic reactions to active ingredients: Persons known to be allergic to certain active ingredients should not use the Crystal MESO device to avoid allergic reactions.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: Individuals with severe cardiovascular disease or metabolic disorders should not use the device or should consult a physician before doing so.

Tendency to hypertrophic scarring: individuals prone to excessive scarring should avoid using the device in the scar area, as this may result in increased formation of hypertrophic scars.

Epilepsy: Individuals with epilepsy should use the Crystal MESO device with caution. It is advisable to discuss this with a physician, as certain treatments or stimulation methods may trigger epileptic seizures.

Please note that this information is of a general nature and cannot replace individual medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of the Crystal MESO mesotherapy device, please consult a qualified physician or healthcare professional.

Technical data

Protection class against electric shock - Internally powered ME device B type Applied part

Medical device classification - Class Ilb

Product Name - Crystal MESO Injector

Model Name: NBI-300

Package - 1 set

Expected life - 5 years

Rated Power - Rated Voltage: DC 5 V /Current Consumption: 2 A /Internal! Battery - DC 3.6 V, 2600 mAh

Dimensions - 46 mm x 237 mm x 162 mm 0N x L x H)

Weight - 363 g (weight of the main body)

Device type - Hand-held device

Operating noise - The noise level in the center of the front of the device is less than 65 dB (A)

Country of origin: South Korea

Crystal Meso Injector - Instructions

MesoGun with medical approval class 2b.

Introduction to the Crystal Meso Injector

Modern medicine has produced a variety of advanced technologies, including the Crystal Meso-Injector. This article provides a detailed overview of the advantages and features of this device.

Design and functionality of the Crystal Meso injector

Precision function

The Crystal Meso-Injector was developed for highest precision and sets new standards. It enables single and multiple applications.


The Crystal mesoinjector is characterized by its high compatibility. It is compatible with various multi-pin needles and syringe sizes from 1cc to 10cc.

Crystal Meso Injector

Easy handling of the Crystal Meso injector

With its ergonomic and lightweight design, the Crystal Meso Injector is easy and comfortable to use.

NBI-300 Model

The NBI-300 model in particular offers additional features, such as a suction option for pain relief.

Multi-needle capability of the Crystal Meso-Injector

The possibility of using single or multiple needles extends the range of applications.

Compatible syringe sizes

Whether small or large volumes are needed, the Crystal Meso Injector is compatible with syringe sizes from 1cc to 10cc.

Pain reduction through suction option

A special feature of the NBI-300 model is the suction option, which helps to relieve pain.

Crystal Meso Injector at

On you will find the Crystal Meso Injector, which is also available with an aspiration set.

Conclusion and considerations for the selection of the Crystal Meso-Injector

The Crystal Meso Injector offers great value to healthcare professionals through its precise design and comprehensive compatibility. The choice of the right model depends on individual requirements and preferences.

FAQs about the Crystal Meso Injector

What is the Crystal Meso Injector?

The Crystal Meso Injector is a precision medical device for single or multiple needle applications.

What is the NBI-300 model?

The Model NBI-300 is a special model of the Crystal Meso Injector with a suction option for pain reduction.

What syringe sizes is the Crystal Meso Injector compatible with?

The injector is compatible with syringe sizes from 1cc to 10cc.

Where can I buy the Crystal Meso Injector?

You can buy the Crystal Meso Injector e.g. at

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