Lipogems / Lipogems Treatment

What is lipogems / lipogemia?

Lipogems is an innovative next-generation adipose tissue technology used to harvest, concentrate and transfer a patient's own fat for the repair, reconstruction and replacement of injured or damaged tissue.

What can Lipogems be used for?

  • Lipogems offers an alternative to surgical options. Patients who do not want surgery or other options (e.g. NSAIDs, Cortonone injections, HA, PRP). 
  • Patients who do not want surgery. 
  • Lipogeme offers access technology and/or other options and promotion of healing and recovery. 
  • Patients suffering from arthroscopic surgery. 

Functionality of Lipogems

The Lipogems procedure uses innovative technology that gently processes the patient's own fatty tissue to, among other things, cushion and support injured or damaged areas while the body heals itself. Lipogems is precisely injected into areas of the body to help heal and repair tissue. Lipogems tends to remain in the area where it is injected rather than being absorbed by the body, allowing the body to maximise the benefits of Lipogems for a longer period of time. As part of this overall process, Lipogems provides cushioning and structural support to the damaged tissue where it is injected.

The simplicity of the procedure means that it only requires a local anaesthetic (the patient is not asleep during the procedure) and can be performed in about an hour in an outpatient facility such as a doctor's office or surgery centre. Recovery time after the Lipogems procedure is minimal.

Interesting facts about fat

In the past, fat has been characterised as bad for us, something we should cut out of a healthy diet and something we need to work out of our midst.

However, research has shown that not only is eating certain types of fat beneficial to our health, but our body's own fat has many properties that are essential for optimising bodily function, including cushioning and support for our joints and helping to repair damaged or injured tissue.

Your body's own fat tissue is vital to the health and well-being of your body; it is used as a source of energy, insulates and cushions your body and is essential for the proper functioning of your nerves and muscles. In addition, your fat can help cushion and support structures. In short, fat does not deserve its bad reputation!

Adipose tissue naturally contains a complex vascular network within its structural architecture. These microvessels house perivascular cells that support the body's natural healing and repair process.


Minimal risk of rejection, infection and complications: Because the tissue comes from the patient's own body and is processed in a closed system, there is minimal risk of tissue rejection and contamination.

Applications of Lipogems

In orthopaedicsie

Lipogem injections can provide an alternative solution to invasive surgery for people who have the following conditions:

  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Patellar tendon tears
  • Arthritis of the knee, hip, ankle or shoulders

In Aesthetics:

  • Micro fat transfer for aesthetic facial treatment

Advantages of Lipogems

  • Most people have a lot of extra fat
  • Fat is the highest quality tissue
  • Fat has 100-500 times more reparative cells than other similar tissues.
  • Research has shown that fat retains its reparative properties as we age, unlike other similar tissues, such as bone marrow, which can lose its healing ability as we age. 
  • Fat contains many supportive and reparative cells that help promote a healing environment throughout the body.

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