PRP therapy for injury scars

Restore the flawless, radiant look of your skin with PRP therapy for injury scars.

Surgical procedures, acne, injuries and chicken pox are just some of the typical skin-damaging conditions people go through all the time. And the resulting scars, depression or bumps can serve as unpleasant reminders. Fortunately, PRP therapy for injury scars can eliminate skin blemishes and make the skin flawless. PRP treatment can help by giving your skin an even texture and colour, so imperfections are barely noticeable. 


Repair scars on your skin caused by surgical procedures, including caesarean section. PRP-Therapy works on new and old marks to stimulate a more even regulation of collagen and elastin fibres. 

PRP-Treatment for scar tissue

Scar tissue can be raised or depressed depending on the type of skin trauma and has a harder texture due to the random rebuilding of tissue during the healing process. 

PRP-Therapy for keloid scars. 

PRP-Treatment (platelet rich plasma) can be used to remove keloid scars that have ugly raised patches caused by injury and are distinctly different from the surrounding skin. PRP restores blood flow and begins to heal again. 

PRP-Therapy for burns

PRP treatment can help repair scars on skin and tissue caused by minor burns. The anti-infective elements of PRP serum can prevent the possibility of infection and rapid healing. 

Any kind of injury or skin damage can lead to depressed or raised scars

Whenever you have an injury or the skin is damaged by surgery or acne, the body responds by covering the wound with new tissue. New scar tissue consists of the same collagen and elastin fibres as the original tissue. 

However, the intact tissue shows an even alignment of the fibres so that the skin appears smooth. Scar tissue, on the other hand, forms unevenly. And for this reason, it is different from the skin around it. In some cases, collagen may form incorrectly and leave a pit. Or the excess collagen can lead to a raised scar. 

Scars can be different

Your skin may show signs of trauma depending on the wound. For example, acne leaves cavities, swollen areas and discolouration, while burns cause contraction scars. You may also develop keloids, a type of hard tissue that extends from the edges of the original wound. 

If you have had major surgery, you may see that the incision shows signs of suturing or basing. While smaller scars only cause dull defects, larger scars can cause red, itchy skin and numbness. Harder scar tissue can even make it difficult to move. 

PRP treatment of injury scars could be a smart decision

If you search the internet, you will probably find many solutions to help you get rid of the arenas. For example, you can try laser treatments or chemical fillers injected under the pits to lift the surface skin. Your dermatologist may also suggest dermabrasion or chemical peels to remove a thin layer of skin cells from the surrounding areas for a smoother appearance. 

These treatments can have side effects and varying degrees of success. In comparison, PRP treatment helps fight wounds by allowing the body to create a new layer of collagen and elastin so that scar tissue heals naturally. The treatment rarely has side effects, is minimally invasive and very effective

Platalet Rich Plasma treatments mimic the body's natural healing process

Because scars are harder, they receive less blood and therefore do not heal as they should. Therapeutically rich plasma or PRP therapy for wound lesions creates new blood vessels in the scar tissue. In addition, PRP serum contains a concentration of growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells, as well as platelets and other compounds.

These elements can draw both hard and soft tissue forming cells into the spa. This fresh infusion creates a matrix that serves as a loop for the regeneration and repair of collagen and elastin fibres. And the process is very similar to the body's natural healing processes. As the fibre rejuvenates, blemishes become lighter and the skin becomes more even. 

PRP treatment of scars is more effective than conventional options

Common treatments for keloid scars include cortisone injections, cryotherapy, lasers and silicone sheets. Doctors may also use surgical methods to remove raised scars. Instead of these options, PRP therapy is much more effective for wound scars. 

As per a report published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, a combination of subcision, PRP therapy and radiation therapy can significantly lighten the marks. Doctors can also put PRP serum into the wound after the keloid scar tissue has been surgically removed. This is because platelet-rich plasma gel has been shown to be extremely effective in rapidly healing open wounds with minimal scarring. 

PRP treatment for scars are quick and easy

PRP injections for acne scars and pimples on the face can be a safe and effective way to remove signs of skin damage. Try treatments for acne scars, lesion marks, keloids and other depressed or enhanced blemishes. Back to smooth, clear skin that glows with health. 

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