PRP treatment for knee pain

Can PRP be used to treat knee osteoarthritis?

PRP treatment of the knee has many advantages over traditional surgical methods, which often lead to frequent visits to the doctor and recurrence of injury. 

Injections of PRP can significantly reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis without surgery. 

Osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries and muscle injuries are common knee problems that can be solved with non-surgical platelet plasma treatment. 

Mode of action of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

If you have muscle damage that just won't heal, osteoarthritis of the knee or other muscle or tendon problems, PRP knee therapy can help.

PRP knee injections stimulate the healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints by isolating and activating the growth factors that occur naturally in your blood.

Providing these factors in high concentrations naturally stimulates your body's repair processes, improves knee function and reduces pain associated with injury. 

PRP therapy for osteoarthritis

There are several treatments for osteoarthritis, including exercise, weight control, support, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Tylenol, cortisone preparations and a viscous preparation. This procedure consists of injecting a gel-like substance into the knee to supplement the joint's natural lubrication. A new treatment that few doctors are investigating is PRP injections. 

Therapeutic rich plasma (PRP) treatment involves injecting a high concentration of plasma that contains growth factors from your own blood. The concentrated formula improves the healing ability of the human body. 

Plasma injections for knee pain are rapidly gaining acceptance in the medical community as an effective non-surgical treatment for knee muscle injuries. 

In fact, a study by researchers at Special Surgical Hospital showed that PRP injections for knee pain show promise in treating knee osteoarthritis. The results of the study, published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, concluded that Prp knee treatment improved pain and function and appeared to delay the development of osteoarthritis in up to 73% of patients in the study. Source:

Advantages of PRP treatment

  • Accelerated wound healing. 
  • Reduction of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. 
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain. 
  • Reduction of scars during surgery. 
  • Increased bone-forming activity. 
  • Increased growth of blood vessels. 

Knee pain is usually caused when the cartilage and buffering agents in the knee joint disappear with age. You can also develop knee problems after an injury or if you are an active athlete. Plasma injections into the knee can help regenerate cartilage and lubricants. The PRP serum contains a concentration of mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines, platelets, growth factors and other healing elements that can repair torn cartilage.

Knee pain caused by arthritis can be treated with platelet-rich plasma knee therapy, thereby repairing injured ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Combination of PRP with hyaluronic acid

The National Centre for Biotechnical Information reports that patients who used a combination of HA and PRP showed better improvement. The results were more promising than the patients' individual treatments. The introduction of the new modality allowed patients to postpone the need for knee replacement surgery.  Source:

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