PRP injection for facial beautification

PRP injection for facial beautification

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy isn't that new - it's been around for decades, helping athletes heal sports injuries. Now, PRP facial rejuvenation is one of the many treatments that use this revolutionary technology to reverse classic signs of ageing in men and women. 

Top celebrities choose Vampire Lift / PRP therapy to revitalise their skin

Vampire Lift / Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a beauty treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, PRPs get flawless reviews from high-profile actors and celebrities like Kim Kardashian's recent review. PRP refers to platelet-rich plasma therapy - a treatment that uses a series of small injections of a compound of your own blood that triggers the formation of stem cells and collagen into the cells of your skin. 

Many PRP facelift reviews initially paint a threatening picture of the procedure due to the short-term visibility of injection wounds on the skin. Nicknames like Vampire Face and Dracula Therapy have popped up, but the only scary thing about PRP treatment is the radical change in your skin in the months following treatment. Don't be seduced. The joke is on those who don't undergo the transformation to revitalise their skin and reverse the signs of ageing without the need for surgery. 

Why do you need a PRP facial treatment?

While we already have healthy blood in our bodies that contains natural growth factors, it is the highly concentrated, targeted dosing technique used in Prp injections for the face that can effectively improve the skin's ability to rejuvenate itself. alone, without surgery or medication. When these concentrated platelets are injected into your body, the real magic happens. 


They release healing proteins called growth factors that cells use to speed up tissue repair and improve wound healing. What does this mean for your facial skin?PRP treatment encourages your body to use its own healing processes more effectively, rejuvenating your tired and ageing skin and replacing damaged skin cells with new ones much faster than your body could normally achieve on its own. 

Conclusion on PRP facial treatment

PRP facials, also called Vampire Faces and Dracula Therapy, help celebrities by rejuvenating their skin and removing signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, creases and skin folds. PRP treatment affects how the collagen and elastin layers under the skin are restored, maintaining softness more effectively. 

Dermatologists may choose to inject PRP directly into lines and problem areas. Alternatively, they may combine the treatment with a microtop. Using a microphone, they create pores and massage the PRP serum into the skin to restore a youthful glow. 

Recommended medical devices for dermatologists

Density Platelet Gel | PRP-Tubes

Density Platelet Gel | PRP-Tubes

High-quality PRP glass tubes with separating gel and anticoagulant

EPN - Needling Pen

EPN - Needling Pen with Electroporation

Class 2 medical device - permitted for deep (dermal) needling.

incl. 5 spare heads

Electroporation makes the cell membranes permeable so that the active substances can be better introduced into the tissue.

Two therapies (needling and electroporation) in one device.

Vital Injector2

Vital Injector 2

Vital Injector 2 ist das innovative, verbesserte Produkt des ursprünglichen Vital Injector, ein automatischer Aqua-Lifting-Injektor. Er hat die neueste Technik übernommen, 5 Nadeln gleichzeitig zu verwenden, wodurch die Wirkung maximiert und die Behandlungszeit verkürzt wird. Außerdem wurde das Einwegfiltersystem übernommen, das sichere Behandlungen in einer hygienischen Umgebung ermöglicht.

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