PRP treatment for wrist pain

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) - A regenerative therapy for hand and wrist injuries

Have you ever been told that the only option for wrist, hand or finger pain is steroid injections or joint surgery? Slightly invasive regeneration options offer pain relief and can help you regain your lifestyle. 


With a higher than normal growth factor in the blood, PRP injections help restore injured tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes. 


This treatment is extensively researched and supported in clinical trials. 


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) supports the body's self-healing processes by using its own cells. Blood is mostly liquid (called plasma), but also contains solid particles, including erythrocytes, white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are important for blood clotting, but also contain proteins called growth factors, which are important for wound healing. 

With a higher concentration of growth factors than is usually found in the blood, PRP injections help restore damaged tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes. 

This treatment has been extensively researched and supported in clinical publications. 

How can PRP treatment help with wrist pain?

When healing agents in PRP serum penetrate damaged wrist tissue, they stimulate a cascade of healing cells. These cells repair and reverse the typical causes of arthritis and other pain-causing conditions. For example:

  • Cells can help repair damaged nerves.
  • In arthritis, cartilage wear can compress the central nerve. Treatment with PRP can help repair torn cartilage and replace worn padding. Therefore, the treatment can reduce pressure on the nerve. 
  • By stimulating the blood supply, PRP treatments for arthritis can reverse Keinbock's disease. 
  • When injured, scar tissue surrounds the carpal tunnel and the central nerve is so hard that it compresses the nerve. Doctors make a nerve incision on the skin by carefully inserting PRP serum into the nerve incision using an ultrasound machine. This method breaks down tough microcells and creates new blood vessels in the area. As a result, the pressure around the central nerve decreases and you are mobile again. 

Hand and wrist conditions that can be treated with PRP therapy include:

  • Hand arthritis
  • Arthritis of the thumb (basal joint arthritis / carpometacarpal arthritis)
  • Instability of the wrist
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • TFCC tear

PRP therapy - an effective solution for wrist pain

The National Centre for Biotechnology conducted studies on patients who were given a single injection of PRP serum. After one month, the doctors examined the platelet-rich plasma results for pain using a visual analogue instrument. They found that 9 of the 13 patients experienced almost complete relief of pain and inflammation. In addition, these subjects had better mobility in their shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. When examined with an ultrasound machine, the doctors found minimal signs of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or compression of the median nerve. These results show that PRP therapy is an effective solution for wrist pain where side effects or adverse reactions are rare. 

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