Microneedling for acne scars

Microneedling for acne scars - restore flawless and beautiful skin!

Microneedling for acne scars alone or with PRP serum can help you restore smooth, flawless skin without ice pick scars or scarring. The therapy is a minimally invasive, non-chemical treatment option and can deliver effective results by stimulating the body's natural healing abilities to repair scars as if they never existed. 

Acne is a common condition affecting up to 80 percent of adolescents and five percent of older adults (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4509584/ ). In some patients, the severe inflammatory response leads to structural alteration of the upper and deep dermis, resulting in scarring after acne. Various terms and surgical techniques have been used to describe the types of acne and to improve the appearance of scars. 

What causes acne scars?

When you have acne and breakouts, they are like small wounds that damage the top layer of your skin. When your body heals wounds, it produces new tissue, collagen and elastin, to cover the wound on your skin. The original collagen fibres you were born with look smooth and carefully matched. Because of this, your skin looks smooth and flawless. 

However, the new tissue is formed in an uneven pattern. It may not match the upper layers of skin, giving the surface an uneven texture. This is how you see the different types of acne scars, such as box scars, hollow scars and ice pick scars. The intensity of the breakout you had can affect the type of scar you develop. If acne was severe, you will probably see deeper scars. 

How can microneedling help with acne scars?

Microneedling in acne scars helps to create new miniature wounds on the skin. These wounds are believed to trigger the body's healing response so that collagen and elastin are restored. The therapy uses small needles to break up fibres into uneven, hard scar tissue. As the new tissue redevelops, the top layer of skin is likely to have a smoother texture. 

Microneedling can be done with dermarollers. And recently, dermatologists have been using different types of healing serums to help the healing process. Some of the serums used include vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Remember that your dermatologist will check the severity of the skin damage before prescribing the number of sessions you need. Most patients need 3 to 4 sessions at 2 to 4 week intervals to give the skin time to rejuvenate. 

Microneedling mit PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Serum

Although microneedling therapy alone can help patients with acne scars, additional use of PRP serum cream can enhance the effect of the treatment. PRP cream can accelerate healing.

PRP plasma contains platelets, cytokines, mesenchymal stem cells and various other elements. These compounds act as building blocks for collagen and elastin and accelerate their formation. As a result, you see much more effective results and may need even fewer sessions to achieve the desired results. 

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Conclusion: Microneedling for acne scars can help!

When you opt for microneedling along with PRP treatment, you can expect the acne scars to become extremely bright and your skin to look more flawless.

In addition to acne scars, the benefits of microneedling extend to a number of other types of scars. These skin blemishes can include swollen and depressed scars due to injury or surgery, pigmentation and signs of ageing. Try therapy and regain your lost confidence. 

Are you looking for an effective treatment for your acne scars? You may want to consider micro-help along with PRP treatment as a treatment. 

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